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When we focus on others, that's when happiness comes. Everything is a choice. Literally. Everything.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Hello yall!!

So this week was pretty good. We got caught in the rain once or twice, but it was pretty fun, I love getting caught in the rain haha. Sounds weird, but it's really exciting. On Friday we had our ward Father's Day party and that was super fun, everyone showed up late, but when it finally got started we had a lot of fun, good food, good music, good people. 

We also did a lot of service this week, on Saturday we almost did nothing but service, but we had stake conference too haha. We first went to a member's farm and helped her pick up from some of the recent storms. it was pretty fun, we got to see some animals such as a HUUUGE pig, some donkeys and goats and chickens and things, it was cool. Afterwards we went to a different member's house and helped them wash an RV they had, and that took a lot longer that it seems. It was crazy. But then we had Stake Conference, which was really good. President Elkins went super hard on service for the adult session, and then about callings during the other. He is one of those who speaks very straightforward. It was good. 

That's the majority of my week, I hope yall are having a great one, and happy late Father's Day to those who I didn't get to tell, namely my own Dad and anyone else who would like to claim it hahaha. I love yall!! Have a great week!

Elder Packer

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