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Monday, February 29, 2016

Pics on Pics on Pics

Good afternoon!!
I hope yall had a splendid week, my week was pretty crazy but pretty fun. 
On Tuesday we had an exchange with our DL, and I was with Elder Sanchez for most of Tuesday and all of Wednesday. It was pretty fun, we got a lot of stuff done, and got to know each other pretty well. As well, since he's a Subaru guy as well, we stopped to take pics of an STI and talked to the guy who owned it. It was pretty fun haha beautiful car. 
Along with that, we have a bit of a competition as a zone to see if we can reach 100 pictures taken by the end of the transfer. So I've taken a LOT of pictures! I won't send them all because theres not enough room, but you should get a few the next couple of weeks. 
To be short in writing, the highlight of this week was probably personal study. Not that the rest of the week was bad, but I had a lot of studies this week that were really amazing. The scriptures really are awesome tools, truly gifts from God. I have fallen in love with the scriptures over the course of my mission. So that's my invitation this week. I'm not saying fall in love with them this week, but read for at least 30 mins sometime this week. And think about how wonderful it is to have guidance from God in these last days. 
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! 
Elder Packer

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