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Monday, June 29, 2015

Transferencias han llegado otra vez

Good day to all!
Tomorrow is transfers, but I'm not too worried about it, I'm fairly certain I'm going to stay. My comp however...different story haha. We're both pretty sure he's leaving, he wants to go to Laredo, but I guess we'll see what happens later today.

This past week has been really good, a little sad and weird, but great overall. We had zone conference this Wednesday, and that was fantastic, we learned a lot about the Sabbath Day and covenants and increasing faith. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was phenomenal. I got the package my parents had sent, thanks for sending all the food you know I like hahaha.

Sad event of this week: we were teaching a lady sitting on her front porch outside her house, and it was already kind of a struggling lesson because her little kids kept interrupting, and then the lesson just completely got wrecked (fair warning, children and my sister might not want to read the rest of this paragraph) because this puppy who was just joyfully bouncing around got hit by a car. It didn't kill him, just broke it's leg and layed there yelping for a little bit....my comp and I had no idea what to do, we just looked at each other and at the dog and all three of us just sat there for a bit....soooo awkward and sooo sad!! I was almost in tears, it was terrible. It couldn't get up, and then almost got run over like four or five more times because the cars would just barely move over in time because they were going so fast. Eventually after a few minutes it stopped trying to roll around and just died in the middle of the road...Mathis, Texas is not the place to be.

Anywho, aside from that tragedy, the rest of this week has been really really good! I got letters from the Golightlys and that was really fun, thank you guys so much! And along with that we had a baptism in our district yesterday!! A girl named Bailey Cantu got baptized yesterday, the sisters found her just a couple weeks ago and she wanted to get baptized because she'd been coming to church with her grandma for a while. So the sisters taught her and my comp baptized her yesterday!! It was funny though, he forgot to bring a change of Gs and a different shirt, so he got back into his suit with soaking wet Gs and a damp shirt hahaha. La lucha es real. But it was a really good service, and she (being a 10 year old girl) made her own cake for the baptism that was multi-layered, multi-colored, and when you cut it open it was full of M&Ms!! It was super cool, I was impressed.

That's about it for this week, these pictures are of the Baptism and of me and Elder Jones in front of the Swinney Switch Cafe, a really good country-style food place haha. I love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Packer

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