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Monday, June 15, 2015

Semana 5 de Transferencia 5

Buenas a todas!

Hey everyone, this week has been pretty good:) We took our car in to the shop because the transfer before I got here they had hit a coyote and cracked the front bumper, and we finally got that fixed, but we were without a car for 2 1/2 days...so we mainly worked in Beeville those days because we had meetings there and the sisters needed some help anyways haha:)

 District Meeting this week was really cool. In our mission we have five "pillars" that are things our president wants us to work on, and Elder Jones had all of us give a training on one of them, and then he did one after. In order, the pillars are Love, Obedience, Hard work, Good attitude, and Animo (I don't know the english translation for that one, sorry...it's kinda like excitement and just being pumped I guess haha). So after we all gave our trainings, we were kinda on a spiritual high, and then Elder Jones gave a super awesome training about fe and the importance of it, and what we can do with it. It was really good, and then afterwards, all four of the sisters wanted blessings, but one companionship at a time requested them, and we had a comp study with one of the companionships about having the faith to find and showing that faith through our works. It was really cool, super spiritual and just a plain good day. And afterwards we ended up helping the sisters find a super cool family, it was a great miracle.

The rest of the week seemed super long, but it really just flew by at the same time. This is the start of the fifth week of my fifth transfer out of 16...I still feel like I barely got here! I don't understand it really, time can feel so long, but then you start realizing that so much is gone by, and you didn't even realize it...idk haha it's a weird feeling, I don't know how to describe it haha. Either way, I've still got plenty of time on my mission, but I know it won't feel like that when I get near the end...

Anyways, that's about it for this week. I also got a really awesome letter from my cousin Ryan this week, thank you so much!! You rock dude. I hope you all have a wonderful week, until next week!

Elder Packer

1. Ryan's Letter
2. My new Spanish Scriptures

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