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Monday, June 1, 2015


Hello to everybody!
How is everyone doing? It's been a pretty interesting week for the George West Elders of Beeville District. This week Michelle was baptized!!! We didn't know until the night before if she was for sure going to be baptized this Sunday, but everything worked out and she was baptized by her husband Kyle!! They're awesome, I'm so happy for them:)
This week was mainly a lot of blitzing and driving and trying to conserve miles because it was the end of the month and finding people for the month of June. By the way, the zone and the mission both hit their baptismal goals!! As a zone we baptized 7 wonderful people this month, and the mission baptized 74/68!! The power of prayer and fasting really works. And the numbers are nice and all, but think of them all as a brother or sister who has now found their way in coming closer to Christ. That's what really makes it special.
Speaking of people coming to Christ, we are teaching an awesome guy named Hunter. He's 32, lives alone in Mathis, works as an x-ray tech for welders and things like that and he's seriously super prepared. He says he's been looking for a church to go to in this area because he moves around a lot, and he wants to learn how Christ can help him with his family unity issues and other things of that nature. He keeps in pretty good contact with us, and he's super down to come to all church activities, including the FHE we're having tonight with the ward! He's amazing, we still have a long way to go with him though, so please keep him in your prayers!!

Interesting things that happened this week were that we got an AK-47 pointed at us when we knocked a random door in Beeville, (the weirdest things happen to us in Beeville), we bought a watermelon from a fruit stand and just ate it with a spoon, and we did some serious work on the Scotts' house this Saturday. I manned the circular saw to cut boards to brace the walls, and we got pretty far for only 8 people working for an hour and a half. The thing is that it's soooo hoottt and humid in Texas!!! Everyone was dripping by the end, especially a certain redhead that was running around to grab boards and had decide he wanted to wear jeans...but it's only gonna get hotter, so I guess I better get used to it haha.
Anyways, that's about it for this week, I love you all, hope you have a great week!
Elder Packer

1. Sandia!!!!!!
3-4. Kyle and Michelle at Michelle's baptism!!!
5-6. Random flavors of big red that I've never heard or seen before (just for you mom).

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