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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Same area, new district

Hello to all of you! I hope yall have been having a fantastic week, it's been an interesting one for me, that's for sure.
I can't really remember too much before Friday because everything has just been super chaotic! On Friday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and then one with the ward clerk to reorganize the ward list so that all of the people that don't live at the address it says they're at could be moved to a different location...so that took a long time, and then after that we went to help the sisters with a blitz and give a lady a blessing, but she had fallen and couldn't get up so we ended up calling an ambulance and she was sent to the Beeville hospital and then up to San Antonio...so that was interesting. And then During the blitz we contacted a bunch of referals, and one of them lead us to a door where when we knocked, a guy pointed a gun at us, shot at both of us, and then closed the door....it was only a nerf gun, but it was a pretty weird experience haha.

Then Saturday we had to do weekly planning and that took a long time because we had to reorganize all of our stuff with the new ward list and everything,and we went out to work for a little bit, and during that little bit we found a part member family who has a mom who is very less active and actually goes to the catholic church down the road, but their daughters had a pretty good interest in learning more, especially about the book of Mormon. But because of the lesson we had with them we were late to the ward fish fry, and didn't get to sing the song we had planned because we showed up right at the very end.
Then Sunday was very strange...a random guy who we later found out was a less active member ran to the church about an hour before any meetings started, wearing a superman tanktop and basketball shorts...we went and talked to him, found out he was a member, and he went into the chapel and asked for a Book of Mormon so he could bear his testimony...before any of the chairs were set up or anything...so as we set up the chairs he read some random verses from 3 Nephi while kinda banging on the pulpit, and at the very end he yelled at the top of his lungs "WILL BE CHANGED FROM MORTALITY TO IMMORTALITY!!!"  and slammed the Book of Mormon down on the pulpit and walked off. It scared the people having PEC so they came out to see what happened, and no one knew who he was, but he stayed for the majority of Sacrament meeting, where he tried interrupting the meeting a couple times, but the bishopric handled it well, and he ended up leaving just about halfway through the meeting. It was definitely the weirdest sacrament meeting I've been too so far, but there are a few that come pretty close...

So after that we had some meetings, and when we finally started working, one of our first things we did was try going to this new part of Mathis that we hadn't been to yet, and there were a bunch of people having a Memorial Day party, so we went to try and contact them and see if they'd be interested in a message about Jesus Christ, and they invited us to eat with them, even though the majority of them were pretty far from sober...but it was cool, and we got some decent referals from it, so it was worth it.
That's really about it, I did get a couple of cool letters this week, one from my mom and two from my Dad, the first being a quote about Less Active work and the other containing guitar tabs, so that was pretty awesome. Thanks parents! Love you! Haha anyways, that was my week! I hope you all have a fantastic one this week, and I love you all!
Elder Packer

 1: Me wearing a hat next to the cornfield we basically live in
2: Picture of FHE last Monday

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