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Monday, April 6, 2015

Me Voy!!!!

Buenos Dias a todos,

So I got the call this morning that I will be transferred. I don't know where yet, but I will be packing my bags and leaving up to McAllen tomorrow and then to wherever they send me. I'm pretty sad because I love so many of the people here, I've made so many good friends and met so many amazing people, but I'm also excited to see what is next:) I'm sure it will be awesome.

Other than that, this week was amazing. Last Monday we went to the zoo, and that was super fun (going in public places like that as a missionary is pretty cool haha). I have some pics from that, but it doesn't really do justice to the experience. After that we got pranked by the sisters on April Fools Day. They left boxes with our names on them full of shaving cream, and we had to dig through them to find some clues and then it lead us to our garage where there was just a stuffed bunny rather than anything actually cool. It was disappointing, but pretty fun haha.

Then general conference was this weekend as well. General conference as a missionary is so much cooler. You pay more attention and receive revelation for days and it's a slight break from the stress of having to get everyone to a sacrament meeting that day, it's just amazing. I learned a ton this weekend, I loved it. Then for the dying missionaries (missionaries that are going home soon) they absolutely loved the first session...(puro marriage and families, a little hard to relate to the mission, but still really good). 

It's amazing how much you can learn when you're sincerely focused and taking notes while searching for answers to questions or to help others rather than because your seminary teacher told you to. I wish I had paid more attention in past conferences, I'm sure I could have learned so much more. 

But I guess that's why we have the Ensign right?;) haha anyways, that's all for this week, next week I will be emailing you from somewhere other than the area of Los Ebanos in Brownsville, Texas. 

I love you all!

Elder Packer

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