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Monday, April 20, 2015

Moving up

Good day yall!

It has been a swell week in the area of George West. We had several rain/lightning storms that we an amazing sight to see, and even a couple tornados touched down in Beeville, so that was pretty cool too. I've never seen rain like down here where you can see it moving towards you and then it just hits you like a big wet wall. Crazy! We moved last week, thankfully, because I'm not sure how I would have liked this weather in the little trailer. But we now live in a singlewide with 2 bathrooms and room for both of us to have a desk, and it's right next door to the Bishop and his wife who have been taking phenomenal care of us! They are the sweetest people, really. And just incase anyone wants to write me a letter or google earth our little mormon colony out in the middle of nowhere you my address is 2328b FM 534, Mathis, TX 78368 (just 2328 if you want to google it).

So to give a little more info about the new area than last week, it's called George West, we live in a little community called Swinney Switch, we cover an entire county and three outlying towns by ourselves, and the closest actual town to us is about 15 miles away. My companion's name is Elder Jones, he's from Roanoak Virginia, he just recently hit 18 months in the mission, and he is a super cool dude, super nuts. Our district consists of me, elder Jones as the DL, and sister Angus and Sister Ingleby, who actually went to the MTC with me. And our ward is made up of a bunch of people, a lot of whom have lived somewhere in Utah at some point of their lives, and just recently upgraded to a ward from a branch.

This week was really pretty good, we've mostly been trying to get organized in our area because we finally have the room to get it organized like it should be, and we've realized we're gonna need to strengthen the ward a lot by going by the many less active members before we can really successfully convert investigators, so that is what our focus has been and will continue to be the next few weeks. I've developed a semi-southern accent whenever I talk to someone that sounds like they're from the deep south, and we should be dining on some fried wild hog or catfish caught from Brother Wyble's backyard for FHE. I have entered the Texan Zone of my mission, which is good, because almost everyone here has Dr. Pepper :) I do miss speaking Spanish though, that would be one thing I wish I could change, but it's alright.

The library I'm at doesn't allow us to send pictures, but I'll make sure to send some to yall next week! I love you all so much, thank you for all your prayers and support:) the Lord loves you and so do I.

Elder Packer

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