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Monday, April 27, 2015

Interviews, Hurricanes and President Welch

Buenos dias a todas!

To start off, I'm not quite sure how many already know outside of my family, but yesterday I ate lunch with my Stake President, President Welch. I walked out of PEC before church and he was standing right there...it took me by surprise to say the least. It was pretty weird to talk to my Stake President in Beeville, Texas of all places, especially because he forgot his tie back at home, so it was a little more casual than I'm used to with him. But it was a pretty cool experience as well, I'm super glad it happened. They went to church with us and then came over to the same member's house to eat afterward, so he also got to hear me play guitar while we sang Nearer My God to Thee for the Loughny's. Super strange, it's a small world after all. 

Anyways, we've had some pretty crazy weather out here, it's been raining a lot, which is unusual for Texas, so someone said it's just God preparing us for a massive hurricane this season, which isn't too far away...I don't know how accurate that will be, but I've got my 72-Hour kit packed and ready just in case, because apparently there's a sister in this mission that when she was set apart she was blessed that she would survive a natural disaster during her mission, and she goes home this November. I'm not 100% sure how true that is, but I'm ready for whatever God sends, so lets go!

So last for this email, but definitely not least is that we had interviews with President Maluenda this week, and those are always amazing. President receives so much revelation, it's crazy. He can discern you like it's nothing and know exactly what you need to hear and do to become better. I wouldn't be surprised if he's an apostle one day. But yeah, I got some pretty cool council from him this week, and then he threw in at the very end as kind of a random afterthought a commitment to make a plan to build muscle....it was super random and I kinda laughed just because of how out of the blue it was, but he said that he wants me to make a plan and build muscle and that it should only take me the next 8 months but that I'll see great results by the end of my mission if I do. Hahahaha so that was kinda funny, we'll see how that works out. 

That's about it for this week. For the pictures most of them are these little mormon jokes we having hanging around the house, one is a picture of the best steak I've ever eaten in my life from the George West Steakhouse, and then there's a picture of me and my stake pres and his family that came. I hope you all have a wonderful week! The Lord loves you and so do I!

Elder Packer 

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