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Monday, January 26, 2015

Semana 8, but who's counting...


How's everyone doing? It's been a fun time out here, I thank everyone for all the letters, support, and prayers I've received. Special thanks to my ward for sending me that package, it was very much loved and appreciated. Love the quotes.

This week feels like it flew by so fast! The first few days our car was in the shop (actually Monday-Friday), so we had a bunch of bike days...that was not as fun as it sounds, but I really did enjoy it. Well...some parts. The five mile ride to visit one of our investigator families was less than enjoyable what with the 40 degree weather and seemingly hurricane force winds...jk, the winds weren't that strong but they did make 5 miles feel like 15. It was an interesting week for transportation. But we finally got our car back!

And then on Saturday, we went to McAllen to listen to an Apostle of the Lord address the missionaries. That was pretty cool, I met a lot of some new people, including Kris's friend that Facebook friended me during the summer, and Elder Chamberlain. It was super weird to see him, but pretty cool as well.

So we heard from two 70's and Elder Oaks, and it was pretty awesome, but during one of the 70's talks, he called out specifically on Elder Chamberlain, and everyone was like "oooohhh!!!" because that's funny but also scary as anything, and then he explained that it was because Elder Chamberlain was his home teacher before the mission....it was pretty funny.

Elder Oaks' talk was really really good, he talked a lot about revelation, and he's a pretty funny guy as well. Near the beginning of his talk he said "my daughter frequently asks me why I look so stern in conference while I'm giving a talk. I don't try to be, I try to smile, but think about it; if you're addressing 3 million people and the first presidency is right behind you...you're not so full of giggles." That sounds really lame in writing, but if you were there you would have laughed:) I really like his talk, really that whole meeting was fantastic. 

There's a lot to learn, you never know everything the Lord has in store for you. Especially when you're supposed to be teaching it. You're always learning.

Anyways, for the pictures this week, we had a poorly planned potluck that ended up being spaghetti, bread and fried rice, with no silverware, so luckily we had a ton of bread to use and make sandwiches with Doritos, rice and spaghetti....mission life. Then after the meeting with the apostle we went to Panda Express, and I got the coolest missionary fortune of all time. So yeah, anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all, and so does the Lord.

Elder Packer

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