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Monday, July 18, 2016

No Dry Weekends in Laredo

Hey everyone!! 

So this last week I got transferred, now I am in Del Norte in Laredo! It's super fun, 4th whitewash in a row hahaha. The members are super cool, even though they are few in numbers, but I love it here. My new comp is Elder Harker!! Not the same one I was with in Portland though haha, different one, but kinda funny right? 

Laredo is full of milagritos. Our first night we were just walking around because we didn't know anyone and we ended up getting pick up by a member and he got us Sonic haha it was super cool. so many little things like that happened this week, it was awesome. We've got a lot of potential in this area, I'm loving it. Elder Harker is a beast, he's got a great attitude and is always ready to work, he's awesome, so much faith. 

That's basically all I have to say about the week, I don't have too much time, but I wanted to tell you all that I love you a lot!! The mission is the single greatest thing to ever happen in anyone's life, at least up until they start a family. If you're debating about serving, or even just thinking about it, do it. It's the best decision you'll ever make. I love you all!!

Elder Packer 

1. Last apt pic 
2. Shirts we designed last transfer
3. Elder Gonzales (I aduated with him from Viewmont)
4. Random Statue of Liberty
5. Korean food from a Japanese member haha. 

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