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When we focus on others, that's when happiness comes. Everything is a choice. Literally. Everything.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Good morning and merry Christmas!!
I hope everyone is having a great day and great Christmas Season. It's been a fun week getting ready for Christmas and for transfers and everything. I don't think me or my companion will be transferred, but who knows haha I thought the same thing last time. 
This week has been really good, we've been teaching some really cool people, meeting some really cool people and we've been focusing on spreading the message of The Reason of the Season. Christmastime on the mission is like nothing else. A lot of people down here get caught up in gifts and decorations and movies and parties and things like that, but as a missionary you are really only concerned about the one thing that really matters on Christmas, and that is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Back home we always talk about Him and that He is the real reason for Christmas, but you never really get to focus all of your time on that. 

Christmas was always one of my favorite holidays because of time spent with family and the presents and food hahaha. But now as a missionary, I've come to love Christmas for an entirely different reason. The greatest gift that was ever given was our Savior, "for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son." That gift gave us the opportunity to repent, to change, to become better, to love deeper, to grow stronger, to get over guilt and sadness, to be calmed from anxieties and depressions, and most importantly to return to live with our Heavenly Father and become like Him. So this day that has always been a day for family fun and parties and presents is really a celebration of Him who allowed us to have eternal family fun and parties and presents. I'm truly grateful for that this year:)
Outside of that, I'm glad to be on my mission:) I love the mission, I love my companions, I love the members and all the people I've gotten to meet, it's been great. That's really all i had to say this week, I hope you all have a wonderful week!:) We'll see what happens with transfers, hopefully I stay, but lo que pasa pasa. Love you all!!:)
Elder Packer

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