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Monday, December 7, 2015

Can you Dig it?

Hooowwwdy yall!

This week was really fun, really crazy, and really interesting! We had some time spent in McAllen for a couple of us, we found some really cool people that we're still working with, we got to see the devotional, we found about about a lot of missionary meetings this month....it's gonna be a great month!:) 

Anywho, we had a lot of fun this week, we had a Ward Christmas party where we performed a skit as missionaries (I can't send a video, but you can probably look it up on my mom's FB page, I bet she liked it or shared it or something hahah) and then we have been helping a lot of members prepare for Christmas. 

Because it's Christmas time and everyone is sharing messages about sharing, I just wanted to talk about what the missionaries have been sharing...:) we have some pass along cards that are specifically for this time of year, this year. It's got a website (christmas.mormon.org) for a video you can watch that's about Christmas, and what the true meaning is, and there's a lot of really cool things on there. For those of you that need something to do for FHE, this would be a really great idea. 

That's basically all for this week. I'm getting pumped for Christmas, as I hope you guys all are too! I love you all!

Elder Packer

1. Christmas Party exchange with Elder Acosta
2. Catholic Santa
3. Tie Digging!

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