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Monday, October 19, 2015

Tour de la Misión

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

I can't tell you how fast this last week went by. They all seem to be getting shorter. Especially because my year mark is next week, that keeps getting closer and closer, it's kinda weird. But it's been a good week.

Last P-Day we went golfing with a member, that was a lot of fun, and today we're going to go bowling again at Bass Pro. I love bass pro, but I feel like I want to go into major debt every time I go. Haha maybe one day when I'm rich.
This week we taught a lot of really cool people, but decided that it's time to change focus to strengthening the ward.

We have a lot of really cool members in the ward and in our area, but there's a lot that need some help too, especially the Elder's Quorum President. They don't have a HT program, so we're trying to help him set one up. It's hard for him especially because even though he's been a member his whole life, this is the first calling he's ever held. So we're going to be focusing on the Elder's Quorum this week, hopefully everything goes well there. 

We did a couple of bike days this week, one of which we found a cardboard cutout of Mr President, so we decided to take selfies with our good friend. As missionaries we don't have a lot of info about the outside world, but we do see the news every once in a while at McDonalds or something like that, and all I have to say is I'm voting for Trump. (JK).

Thanks for all your support. I love you all, I hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Packer

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