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When we focus on others, that's when happiness comes. Everything is a choice. Literally. Everything.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Intercambios con....Chambo!


This week was really fun, I'm gonna try to explain it as quickly as I can. 

So Monday we went to Bass Pro during P-day, and that was killer fun, then we had an exchange from Tuesday-Thursday morning, and it just so happens my companion was.....Elder Chamberlain!! So we had a good time, we worked in my area and taught some really cool people named Patricia and Crystal, all the while talking about how weird it was that 2 boys from Davis county were now driving around in a minivan in Harlingen, Texas. Super fun stuff. 

Then Thursday and Friday passed by pretty quickly, and on Saturday we spent a good chunk of the day helping out the family Daniels to move. They were the people that fed us every Sunday, but they moved just outside of the ward, so we probably won't be able to go over to them anymore, but they're super cool people. After that we ate with the Mullowneys and had some fun with his drums for a bit. Then Sunday we taught another really good lesson with Patricia and Crystal, and that about sums up the week. 

This next week should be pretty fun, we've got interviews coming up on Wednesday, and then some other cool stuff planned. We're really going to be focusing on working with the members this week, so that should be a fun time. 

That all for this week, I hope you guys get spiritually fed this week, have a great time!! I love you all! 

Elder Packer

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