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Monday, July 20, 2015

Antes my Birthday

Hey everyone!!
How are you all doing, I hope you guys are enjoying your week! This week has been really good, but this one coming up is looking to be a crazy one...hahaha

So tomorrow we have District meeting like every Tuesday, but it's Sister Guzman's birthday that day and we might end up blitzing Beeville that day too, but we'll see. Then on Wednesday we're going up to Three Rivers and having dinner with all the district at Sister Soliz's house to celebrate the 2 birthdays. Then on Thursday is my b-day, and that day we have interviews with President Maluenda in Robstown...that's gonna be an adventure. But I'm super stoked because that means Elder Cruz (the newest AP, as well as my ZL/roommate when I was in Brownsville) will be coming up, and his birthday is that day too!! So we'll get to see each other on our birthday!! I'm super pumped for that, I can't even tell you haha:) I'm also excited to get stuff from my family and to finally be 19;)

Anyways, other than that, this past week was really quick! I feel like I just wrote you all yesterday, it's crazy how time flies! Elder Padron and I have been working the area pretty hard, and we've gotten a lot of good insight about what to do in the area from our ZLs and the spirit, so it's been good! We're working with some really awesome people right now, I can't even say. This week tho we're going to be focusing more on the ward and the members, and I just have to say I love how willing our members are to help us out and to feed us and everything. They're the best, I love them.

That's about it for this week, I hope you all have a great one!! Oh, and I'd like to invite everyone to read James 2 this week, and really study it. I read it earlier and got some really cool insights, so let me know what yall think! I love you!!

Elder Packer

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