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Monday, May 11, 2015

Semana de 3-DAY!

Como les va? Espero que bien!

Haha how goes it? I hope everyone is having a good week, my week has been pretty good, and this next one will be different haha. This week was MOTHERS DAY!! So I got to talk to my mom on Skype, and even though the connection wasn't too good and it kept cutting out it was great to hear from home:) 

Outside of that, it's been a good week! We've found a bunch of people to teach, we took two consecutive spanish days where my comp and I talked to each other only in Spanish unless talking to a non Spanish speaker, and we went to an 8yr old's baptism on Saturday, where we filled the font, set up the chairs, made the program, gave talks, were the witnesses, and participated in the confirmation! It was a pretty hectic two hours, but it was super fun, I loved every second. And we got cake afterwards so that made it even better. 

So this week is 3-Day training for all leadership in the mission. And since my comp is a District Leader, he'll be going down to McAllen for the next 3 days, and I'll be in Sinton with Elder Anderson. A couple weeks ago they had called an emergency meeting that was the same thing as this but it only took 1 day, so I've already worked with Elder Anderson and spent the night in the Sinton apartment, so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm excited, he's younger than me in the mission, but an excellent missionary. It'll be fun. 

Along with that, this is the last week of the Transfer! So a week from today I will hopefully know if I'm staying (which I probably am) or if my comp's leaving (which he probably is) but we'll see! Nothing is ever consistent here, the Lord does what he wants how he wants it. 

That's about it for this week. Here are some pictures, the first of which are of this creepy house we got referred to that looks completely haunted, super cool, then of the car we drive (Chevy Cruze) and big red! And then here's a random selfie of my comp and I right now haha. Love you all! 

Elder Packer

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