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Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St. Pats day

Hello everyone!!:)

First of all Happy St. Pats day, and Friday the 13th because I missed that one last week:) It has been raining here a ton this week, but it's fun so it's alright:)

This has been a really good week for a few reasons:) one, we finally got the area organized and how we like it and everything, and it's been sooo helpful! The work is continuing smoothly:) secondly we had a little miracle in finding this week. 

So the APs came down and gave us a training on obedience this week. It was awesome and something that my comp and I decided we needed to do better on, so the next day (Saturday) we were doing as much as we could to be obedient, but things still weren't going too great. Plans fell through, but then we had a couple great lessons with a less active guy named Raul who hasn't come to church in more than 10 years, and with another less active guy whose wife actually is super active and awesome and has a calling in the stake, but we made some great plans with him and it was super spiritual. 

After that our plans were all shot, so we decided to go and find a less active lady that was on the ward directory that we had never met. We drove to the address and it was a bunch of little apartments, and we didn't have an apt number for her. We got out of the car and decided we'd try and ask someone, so we asked this lady who had been watching us ever since we pulled up if she knew the family, and she said no, so we just gave her a card and asked her how her day was, and she just told us to follow her, so we did. 

She led us to her apartment, sat us down at the table where her daughter and son were and basically just told us "my daughter(Larissa) is having problems, talk to her in English." It was super crazy, but we ended up talking to her, and she was super prepared. She had all the right questions, and she took everything we said and accepted it because of the way she felt when we talked. But please keep her in your prayers, her dad used to be a minister and another church, so there will be a few challenges we will need to help her with.

The other thing is that we had ward conference this week, and the stake president went super hard on getting temple recommends. He said that a lot of the members want to see a temple down here, but the way that will happen is if they have more temple recommend holders. It was cool, I would love if they built a temple down here, the people need it super bad because the closest one is all the way up in San Antonio.

Anyways, that's basically the best parts of my week:) I wish you all love, and a wonderful week!:)

Elder Packer

1-jello for the jello eating contest we had last week
2-my comp and Cesar de Leon (a guy with a million posters around the city)
3-Outside of Rainy Days Laundry on a rainy day
4-Dylan (his family feeds us every Friday) past out on the couch
5-dinner yesterday at the Dominguez (tostadas, gotta love em! The Dominguez are awesome btw)

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