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Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!

Buenos dias!
Thank you to everyone who has sent me letters and emails, I really appreciate it more than I can express in writing. It really means a lot, thank you for all your support:)

This week really flew by! Two main events were zone meeting, and Betty and Angel's baptism yesterday!
Zone meeting was really really fun. On Saturday we met at the church and had a few really spiritual trainings and talks and things, then we did some super fun competitions between the districts, which I have pictures of one contest. Then we finished with a  testimony meeting and that was really awesome, we got to know a lot more about each other and more about the new people in the zone. Which is weird because it feels like they just got here but we only have 2 more weeks left in the transfer, so there will probably be a lot more new people coming and some others leaving. Time really is flying. 

After zone meeting we went to b-dubs and that was pretty fun, but pretty expensive for a missionary budget. Either way, it was awesome. Then after that we went and had Betty and Angel's interview, and while they were getting interviewed Elder Denney and I spent some time entertaining Breana, Betty's 7 year old daughter. She's the cutest, I can't even describe it haha.

Anyways, they both passed their interviews like a boss and then yesterday was their baptism. I was at the Spanish ward for church (where we miraculously had 3 other children we are hoping to get baptized just walk in) so I didn't get to see them at church, but when I got there one of the sister missionaries (sister Bentz) told said "hey is Betty one of your converts? She's been bearing her testimony all day!" and that was pretty sweet. 

Betty and Angel are super boss, she's had so much faith and shown it so well. When we taught her about the word of wisdom she said she'd try to quit drinking coffee, but wasn't super sure, but she never had another cup, and even threw it away, despite her husband still wanting to drink it. Her and Angel are so great, they're gonna make some great members.

Anyways, that's all for this week, I hope you guys enjoy your week, and Happy Valentines Day! Also I think next week there's a bunch of Holidays including Presidents Day, Chinese New Year and Ash Wednesday:)

The pictures are of a watermelon eating contest, 4 members of my district playing I'm Just a Fisherman (wonderful song, I highly recommend it) and the baptism yesterday. Until next week!

Elder Packer

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