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Monday, February 23, 2015

Greenie no more!!

Buenos Dias a todos!

So this week has been an especially crazy week. My comp got called to go to 3-day training, so I was with Elder Hoffman in southmost from Monday to Thursday, and we didn't really work a whole ton in Los Ebanos (my area) because we spent most of the time in southmost. It was really fun tho, I stayed in an apartment with 3 of the funnest elders in the zone, and we had a blast. I learned a couple hymns on the guitar, and we actually went proselyting with the guitar one day because we had a zone competition to see how many songs we could sing to members and contacts that day. It was super fun, we probably sang Mas Cerca Dios de Ti (Nearer My God To Thee) more than 20 times that day hahaha.

But yeah, after that Elder Denney and I worked together Friday for probably the last full day together, because on Saturday we had a three-way exchange to get some people interviewed, and I went with Elder Jones to downtown (my favorite area to work, the people rock, and we have a couple members that like to cruise with us the whole day, it's great). Then Sunday we didn't have the baptisms we were hoping for because one of the kids in the family we were teaching broke his arm and ended up being up in McAllen for a few days having surgery. That was rough, he's in pain, but he's a tough cookie.

And tomorrow is transfers! Once again, we don't know them yet....it's frustrating, but my companion has already been here for 5 and a half transfers, so he's basically certain he's going to be getting transferred. Oh, and because I'm done with my first 12 weeks in the field, as of today I am officially not a greenie anymore!!!:):) HooRah!

The pictures today, a few are from the 3 day exchange, we got Shamrock Shakes and Elder Hoffman and I spent a little bit of time with two of the cutest little Mexican girls you'll ever meet, we went to Rudy's, and had a blast. Then yesterday we went over to one of our member's houses and she made us some of the best crepes I've had (second only to my mom's :}) and that's basically it for this week! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and special shoutout to the packers for sending me the package for Valentine's Day, that was awesome, thank you:) Stay strong, be of a good courage, and smile:)

Elder Packer

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