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Monday, September 26, 2016

General Conference Prep

Hey y'all,

I hope you've all had a good week! This week was also super quick, but we had a lot of good things happen in it. The Cuevas got confirmed which was awesome and we had an amazing conference of zone, it was great! Presidente Torres is a really inspired man, very in tune with the spirit and very intelligent. We learned a lot of things from him this last week, but for this letter I just focus on one major one.

He talked about studying. We study every day as missionaries, but some studies are more effective than others. He told us that the key to having a good study is to have a question. Go in to every gospel study with a question, because that's when you will receive the revelation. It's not a bad thing to read through the scriptures cover to cover; you still receive revelation and are in tune with the spirit. However it is better to study with a question and a purpose. So my purpose recently has been to learn more about Jesus Christ and the ways that I need to improve to become more like Him.

Likewise with General Conference coming up, it is much better to have a question than just to listen. This is a time for Apostles and Prophets to tell us what God wants the whole world to hear, and in such a time we can receive the answers to any question that we have, as long as we ask it first. John 16:24 says: "Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: askand ye shalreceive.." So, we need to ask!! 

I love you guys a lot, and hope that you have a wonderful week and wonderful general conference!! 

Elder Packer 

1. Gold Plates BOM that a member down here has
2. Visitor we had on our car

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