If anyone is feeling sad, stop. Forget about yourself. The only times we really are sad are when we're thinking about ourselves.
When we focus on others, that's when happiness comes. Everything is a choice. Literally. Everything.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Con Valor Marchemos

Querridos hermanos y hermanas,

I hope you all had a great week, this week was really fun and awesome here in Laredo. My companion and I have been teaching a lot of people, the members are awesome, and we're having a lot of progress as an area and as a district. The sisters are hoping to baptize a family they have been working with for a really long time this sunday, so please pray for the Cuevas family! They were supposed to get baptized two weeks ago on Saturday, but she ended up going into labor hahaha so it was postponed. But they're looking really set to be baptized this week, so keep that in your prayers.

Today I just wanted to talk about music a little bit. There's a talk by Uncle Boyd called "Inspiring Music-Worthy Thoughts" and it talks about how we can acheive self-mastery by listening/singing uplifting and worthy music. It's something that I definitely struggled with before the mission, but it's something I intend to strive to do even after the mission. I encourage yall to look it up, its pretty good. 

That's about it for this week, I love you guys a lot, have a wonderful week!!

Elder Packer 

 1. Sister Kindall's 22nd birthday
2. A dog we ran terrified by walking up to the door
3. District noodles hahaha 
4. Drum off with me and Sister Castro
5. Wating for the next branch to start

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