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Monday, August 15, 2016

Three is better than 2..?

Hello mundo!

This week was full of fun and surprises! One of the biggest things was that we had interviews with our Mission President, and that was awesome. He gave us all some really good counsel, he's a very inspired man. 

 One of the next big things that happened was that we had a meeting with him and all the leadership in Laredo District. It was one of the best leadership meetings I've ever attended. He showed them a video about priesthood keys that the church made about his Stake when he was stake president; they got 90% of the endowed members to have an active temple recommend, indexed 470,000 names as a stake in one month, and have been the number 5 indexing stake in the world in the 7 years since then. And since it was all in Honduras, most of the people don't even have internet, it was all done at libraries and church buildings haha. 

Anywho, for the meeting he talked about having a vision, that his vision isn't just for a stake in Laredo, but for a Laredo North and South stake, as well as a temple in McAllen. He then told us to get together and make a vision as the leadership and missionaries of the branch, and our branch president (who was just ordained 2 weeks ago) took the reins like a boss and we made an awesome vision, which we capitalized on in Branch Council yesterday with effective conversation and assignments given. The Laredo 1st branch is about to blow up, it's awesome. 

Last but definitely not least, Elder Harker and I are now in a trio!! We will be working with Elder Scott in both our areas for this next week until transfers come. Trio power!!!!! We're super excited haha the mission is so great, you never know what to expect, but you're never really surprised at anything after a while haha:) 

Anywho, that was the main stuff about the week, I hope you guys have a wonderful week, I love you all, have a great one!!

Elder Packer 

1. Our compas
2-3. The New Testament in Kriol
4. District bbq last Monday

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