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Monday, August 8, 2016

Tacos por dias

Buenas tardes! 

This last week went by super quick! We had an Elder in our apartment go home early, and now we're living with Elder Powell, Elder Chamberlain's MTC companion and one of the assistants. He's super cool, it's been fun with him. 

This week we ate tacos. Lots of tacos. It was really fun because my comp and I love tacos haha. And for the first time we both tried horse tacos, which were surprisingly good haha. We also had a late birthday party thrown for me and Sister Villalobos by one of the members here, so that was a lot of fun as well. The members here in Laredo are few, but they are awesome haha. 

It's really been a blessing to serve here in Laredo, it's different than any other place in the mission. It's the only place in the mission where we have a district and branches instead of stakes and wards, which makes it one of the big focuses for the president and missionaries alike. We want to see this place become a stake, and we're working super hard to do so. The branches have been growing, but the activity rate hasn't. So another big focus is reactivating people that have been lost. To do so, our president told us to share Alma 32, where it talks about the seed of faith. If you have it planted in you once, you must nourish it or it will die. But if you do nourish it, it will grow to a tree with much fruit. 

The Lord wants to see the fruits of our faith, whether we be missionaries, less active members, or members trying to live good lives. So my question is, what are the fruits of your faith? For my parents, I would consider myself as a fruit of their faith. I know there were lots of prayers and fasting done in my behalf during less active times of my life, and I know that without the constant aid of my mom and dad, I wouldn't be out here today. Having a child serve a mission is a great fruit of ones faith. Now I am here showing the Lord my own faith, and the fruits have come in so many different ways. 

So I ask again, what are the fruits of your faith? I don't know what your situation is, but the way you can find out isn't by looking at what you've done in your own life, but what you've done in the lives of those around you. A great measurement of the fruits of your faith is how you have positively affected the lives of those with whom you associate. 

I love the TMM, and I love you all too! Have a wonderful day, and week! 

Elder Packer

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