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Monday, May 16, 2016


Hello Humans!!
So this last week was pretty awesome, we had a lot of fun times and lots of good things happened. The most memorable/exciting thing was probably the return of Jared Dement, our Ward Mission Leader's Son who was serving in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. He served an awesome mission and is still pumped to help the Elders here in Portland. 
On Sunday he gave his homecoming talk and it was awesome, he shared some really cool experiences, including a letter that he wrote to himself on the plane to the MTC. He held on to it for the whole 2 years, and then read it on the plane back from Argentina, where he gave himself a bunch of advice. He read about half of it and then decided to talk to the woman he was sitting next to on the plane for the 15 hour flight, and told her all about what he had been doing for 2 years, bore his testimony that he knew this was the only true church of God, and that he wanted to give her a Book of Mormon. She read the introduction and the testimonies, and then he read the rest of his letter, where in the last paragraph he had told himself that he needed to share the gospel with whomever he was sitting next to on the plane. He felt the spirit, started bawling and told her, and testified again that it was God calling out to her. He is hoping to soon see a picture of her getting baptized or with the missionaries. Super cool!
I didn't write myself a letter when I left the MTC, but I decided to do that today, even though it's more than halfway through. I'll still read it when I am on the plane, and intend to still talk to the people sitting next to me on the plane. 
Anywho, we made some really awesome plans this week and we're hoping to see lots of success from them. All I can really say is that the spirit guides. He is real and wants to help, we just need to be looking and listening. 
I love you guys and hope you have a great week!! 
Elder Packer

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