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Monday, November 2, 2015

End Of Transfer


First of all, shoutout to my brother, Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! Also shout out to Becca Baggett, congrats on the mission call, you're gonna rock it in Brazil!! And also, Happy Halloween to everyone! Sorry I'm a bit late haha.
This week was really good, really strange, and really fun. We had a lot of meetings with members because of the chance of one of us leaving, I don't think either me or my son are leaving, but our DL, Elder Gilliam, is going home, and his comp has already been here for 6 months, so he could be leaving too. 

We had a bunch of really cool lessons this week, a lot of really cool spiritual feelings. We've also had a few meeting with the zone and district, and we had 2 baptisms in the zone this week, both of which were 2 people. One was in our district, and the other was amazingly powerful because one of the people getting baptized didn't need it because he has Down Syndrome. It was amazing. His name is Aaron, he's about 25-30, and has been wanting to be baptized for like a year, and finally go permission. The guy baptizing him took like 2 dozen time to get the prayer right, but when he was finally baptized, as soon as he came up he looked and stared up at the ceiling for a few seconds, then burst into tears, and the man baptizing him started crying too and said "He just told me he saw his mother and father." It was really powerful. I can't really describe it. 

That was basically the highlight of this week. However, I did feel like I should extend this one challenge. This week I reread the talk called "Beware of Pride." It's an insanely good talk, and something that everyone can benefit from, as long as they read it with the right attitude. So my challenge or invitation to all of you is to read that talk, it's by Ezra Taft Benson I believe, and it's awesome. 

I hope everyone has a great week this week, and once again, congrats Becca, and Happy Birthday Caleb!!:) I love you all!!

Elder Packer

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