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Monday, November 9, 2015


Buenos dias!!

So to start off this last week, we had transfers. I luckily stayed, but my son, Elder Mason, got one-and-doned and is now in Laredo hahaha. Him and my new companion, Elder Prieto, switched spots. I'm breaking Elder Prieto, meaning I'm his first comp since his dad, so it's been pretty fun. Seeing how much he loves the area and the members and things like that already just makes me really appreciate the members here and all the members I've had in my mission. They've been super great.
Anywho, since then I've been showing Elder Prieto around the area, he's enjoyed it a lot. The Mullowneys made a great first impression when they took us to Golden Corral for his first night here, and then the next day he met Missy, a recent convert who has a super cool story, and whose adoptive son plays for the Blue Jays. We had a lot of great appointments and met a lot of cool people, and had some pretty cool experiences in finding some new less actives and investigators. The area is really progressing!
This week I wanted to extend a challenge to everyone about their own personal relationship with God. Ponder the following questions: Who is God? What does it mean to be His son/daughter? How can I improve my prayers/communication with my Heavenly Father? 
These questions have been on my mind a lot the past few days, and I'd be very interested in hearing back from anyone on this subject. Let me know what you find out!
Well I love you guys a lot, I hope that everything goes well for yall this week, and I'll write you guys again next week!!
Elder Packer

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