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Monday, October 17, 2016

Elder Kopischke


I hope yall had a grand week, here in Texas it was quite the week!! The biggest event that happened was that we had a zone conference in Corpus with Elder Kopischke of the 70, and it was amazing!! We learned so much about how we can do better in the work, as well as how we can grow our love for other people, which will help us the most as we strive to become better missionaries. 

Even though I won't have a lot of time in the mission to apply and perfect the techniques that he taught us, I have it set in my mind that I'm not going to stop being a missionary when I get home. Every member is called as a missionary, and even in Utah there are lots of missionary opportunities. Which is my challenge today. 

Everyone knows someone that is not a member of the church, whether it be at school, work or otherwise, they are there. A lot of times we don't know if that person is even a member or not, but we have to be assertive and open with our own faith in order to find out. It's really not that hard to have a gospel/faith related conversation in everyday life, and by doing so we can find those who need to hear the message of the Gospel, who have been prepared by angels to accept it, and who desperately need and want salvation and eternal life with their families. It is an expression of love towards God, and also to that person, who is a child of God, our brother or sister, and a soul whose worth is great in the sight of God (D&C 18). So my challenge for today is, as you are continuing to go over and set goals to apply the things you've learned in conference, set a goal to be a missionary. Give yourself a deadline. Act with faith. Further your conversion and eternal progression by giving someone else the chance. 

I love yall a lot and hope that you can see of the happiness that come from missionary work. Until next week!

Elder Packer 

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