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Monday, March 28, 2016

La Pascua

Querridos brothers and sisters!
I hope you all had a wonderful week! Our week in Portland was very hard, but awesome.
Elder Harker and I were both sick for the first two or three days, and could hardly get out of bed. But, missionary life...we kept working haha. And it paid off a lot. We decided that the reason that we were sick was that Satan was working his hand in the Portland area and didn't want something to happen. So that gave us extra motivation and we had a lot of miracles with people found and at church. 
The best part of the week by far was Easter Sunday. The Sacrament meeting was awesome! Sister Muhammud spoke on The Atonement, and her talk was very well given and the message well received. Then the Primary sang Gethsemane, and Bro Flint gave his talk on Justice and Mercy. It was AWESOME. He truly spoke like he was an apostle, it was great. And the things he said were very...deep but simple, it was super cool. Very spiritual meeting. After that we had Gospel Principle taught by Bro Muhammud, and it was on Service. That created an awesome discussion, and we had a couple of visitors, one from Provo the other from Houston, and they gave us little Easter Baskets to top off the whole time. It was great hahaha super good day in the Portland Ward. 
Anywho, as Easter is about the atonement, and the Atonement is about change, and we have General Conference this week, I wanted to extend the invitation for you guys to pray about something you could do to change this week. Ask "What lack I yet?" and then listen for an answer in conference. Also think of a question you might have, and look for the answer in general conference. Conference is the best time to receive revelation and counsel from God because everything we are listening to comes from Him; by His voice or the voice of His servants, it is the same. 
I love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week! Until next monday!

Elder Packer

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2-3. Olive Garden:)

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