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Monday, December 22, 2014

¡¡Merry Navidad!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I am so grateful for all the people who have sent me letters and packages and who have been supporting me, it is so appreciated, you really don't even know. Thank you all so so much.

This week has been really cool. We had a zone Christmas conference and that was really cool, we got our packages and some other random presents from the mission home and it was really fun and I had a blast. Then the day after that we had a zone exchange and I was paired with Elder Latu. He's a Tongan beast and is planning on playing college football when he goes home in 6 months, and he's freaking hilarious. I was laughing so much with him, he's great. 

That day was pretty good, we had a lot of fun, and saw miracles happen in our work. It was great. We had a zone breakfast that was super awesome and I took a picture by the border fence that happens to be about five minutes from where we live. It was a super fun week.

I can't wait to hear from my family and more of you guys this Christmas, it's gonna be a great week coming up, I'm super stoked. I hope you all remember Christ this Christ más and that you never forget what the reason for his birth was. (hint: THE ATONEMENT). I love you all, have a very Happy Navidad!! #texmex
Elder Packer
(our zone leaders took those signs and stood downtown for a couple hours passing out cards, it was super funny)

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