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Monday, December 15, 2014

Greenie Week 2

Thank you to everyone who have written me letters and supported me, I appreciate it so much. I love you all.

So, this week has been a freaking awesome week.

We talked to a lot of people, met some really cool ones and a lot of people are wanting to learn and hear more about Jesus Christ. It's amazing.

I went on my first exchange this week, and we went to lunch with the Castillo's and guess where they took us....RUDY'S!!! I was so excited, I ate so much and it was amazing. I love Rudy's. 

Other than that there wasn't really a whole lot of other important things that went on. Except that I had my first Baptism, I guess that was pretty cool. I baptized two twin 9-year-old girls who's mom is less active, but my comp has been teaching them for a couple months and we finally got them to be baptized, and I got to perform the ordinance. And it was in Spanish, which makes it just a little bit cooler. I love baptism, it's great.

Other than that it's really just been fun I guess. It's work, but the people down here are super nice and friendly, they feed you whenever they're having dinner and you come by, and there has been a lot of good stuff down here, including some things I didn't like or want to try before I left. It's been great.

I hope everyone back home is doing good, S.O. to my broseph who went to the Christmas Dance, I bet the ladies were all over you. #killin'em

Anyways, I love you all, remember that Christ is always there for you and that He will help you in every trial or situation you have in your life. Just remember to pray and ask for revelation to know what you need to do. Love you guys!

Elder Packer

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