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Thursday, October 30, 2014



I'm so thankful to those of you that have written me, it's been great. And I'm especially thankful for you, mom and dad, for sending me the letter(got it on Tuesday), donuts (got it on Wednesday), and Dr. Pepper! My whole district is jealous, but it's ok because I love it and I share the love. 

This week has been great, but also the longest week of my life...in all honesty, the first few days were awful. I was kinda overwhelmed by the sudden change in schedule and things like that, my companion and I weren't getting along, and he's been slightly sick so he's super slow at everything(we missed breakfast the first few days because he couldn't get ready in time), and I kept thinking I was going to need to come home the first couple nights because I just couldn't handle it. But it all got better, there were a few talks that helped calm my anxiety a bit, and my companion and I are getting along great now. 

My district has four sisters and four elders, and we have the most fun out of anyone here. My companion, Elder Parisi, and I live with the other Elders in our district in a small room in a house with 12 other Elders. But it's all good, we make the best of it. Everyone in our district is going to Texas(3 to McAllen, including my companion, and 4 to Houston) and then there's one Elder going to Little Rock Arkansas. Random right?

On our THIRD day here, we had to teach an investigator in Spanish...it was so hard, but really cool and a great spiritual experience. But after our second lesson with her (which took place the following day) we were told by some other missionaries that she isn't a real investigator and will be our teacher next week. We weren't supposed to know that, but we still gave it our all in all of our lessons. They were some pretty spiritual experiences. Our investigators name is Lenina, and she is the nicest person you'll ever meet. I don't have a picture with her right now, but I'll try to get you one next week. 

Outside of that it's just been 14 hours of class and study time with breaks for meals. The food here actually hasn't been terrible, but I loved Tuesday, because apparently that's pizza night every week!! That, the packages I've received, and the food I brought (none of which exploded or got everywhere) have been my favorite parts of the day though. 

And just in case you were wondering, CCM stands for Centro de Capacitaci√≥n Misional. 

Anyways, please email me back, and let me know how you are all doing! Love you all! 

Elder Packer

Me on the plane to Mexico

With my companion, Elder Parisi

District Elders at the CCM sign

Showing off my Missionary Tag

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